Campaign Rules

You must create a character between the ages of 16-22. Your backstory should include a strong parental figure or mentor(not a requirement, but a suggestion); They would be alive at the start of this campaign.

Races not permitted: Warforged, Minotaur, Aarakocras.
Classes not permitted: Artificer, Forge Cleric
Backgrounds not permitted: Artisan
Alignments not permitted: Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil

You may use optional features provided by the PHB or unearthed arcana.

Character Creation Resources

Arcane magic is looked upon with suspicion.
If you choose to summon the undead, and people see you, expect hostility.

It’s unlikely any background feature will come into play, so choose what fits you thematically. Don’t worry about the benefits(Maybe worry about the skills/tools).

Once you progress to a certain part of the campaign, death is final. You will not be given the option to create another character.

Unless you have a family heirloom, the only piece of equipment you should have is a trinket. The rest of your gear will be given out in the first game.

You will be encumbered when carrying 10x your strength in lbs.

Campaign Rules

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